Trexpense – Travel Expense Tracker

Traveling and seeing new place is one of my most favorite things to do. What I learned form my many trips is that keeping an eye on your expenses is essential if you want to enjoy your trip. Nothing can ruin your trip more than when your travel budget is used up, but there still so many great places to see.

While being on a trip around the world in 2019 I learned a lot about travel expense budgeting and – with this findings – decided to develop a travel expense tracking app.

Multiple Trips

With Trexpense you can track trips to multiple countries. The app comes with many different predefined country presets including name and currency information.

You can setup the app with your home country and instantly get your expenses converted to your home currency. This makes it a lot easier to know how much you have spent.

Trexpense Simple Expense Tracker Multiple Countries
Select a country you want do visit. Trexpense does the currency conversion for you.

Different Travel Expense Views

Trexpense comes with two different views that give an overview of your expenses. Choose the classic list view if you want the app to display all your expenses sorted in chronological order.

With the calendar view you see your expenses grouped by category for each day of your trip. The Calendar view gives you the perfect look on your current day’s spendings. If you money left, why not allow yourself something nice.

Trexpense Simple Expense Tracker Different Views
Classic list view and calendar view: Trexpense offers multiple perspectives on your expenses.

Unrestricted Offline Use

When traveling you cannot rely on having a working data connection. Therefore it was important to develop the app to be used completely offline. All the data comes from within the app.

Since things can go wrong, and your phone can get lost or damaged, Trexpense allows you to backup your data. If you want Trexpense even notifies you when it is time to backup. To honor your privacy you can decide yourself where you want to put your backup.

Trexpense Simple Expense Tracker Backup
Trexpense allows you to backup all your data to any place you like.

Advanced Expense Tracking

Trexpense also comes with a Pro version. While splitting your expenses over multiple days is also possible in the free version, Trexpense Pro also lets you create custom payment types to track.

If you a travelling with a fellow traveller, you can also track who paid for what using Trexpense Pro. And if you want to organize your expenses in more detail you can also create custom categories.

Trexpense Simple Expense Tracker Simple Design
Trexpense Pro allows you to track payment types, the traveller that paid and lets you create custom categories.

Statistics: Expense Charts

All your expense data is best representent using charts. With Trexpense Pro you have access to a vast number of statistics. What I personally found most helpful was to see your daily average expenses. By knowing your averages you can easily see wheter your current spending behavior will cause your budget to exceed or not.

Trexpense Simple Expense Tracker Advanced Statistics
With Trexpense Pro you can view many types of charts giving you the best overview of your data.

Get Trexpense

For your next trip make sure to download Trexpense on your phone. It is available for both Android and iOS.

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Trexpense Pro

If you want to get the most out of your trip, get Trexpense Pro. You can simply upgrade from the free version by creating a backup and applying it to the Pro version.

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