Privacy Policy

The app ‘Prioritizer’ was developed to improve and support the decision process of the user. In order to being able to provide the app in high quality it is necessary to create statistics concerning the usage of the app. More information about the used data and services is described below.

Data collection

The app starts storing and processing data once the user has agreed to this privacy policy by clicking the agree button in the dialog visible when using the app for the first time. This consent can be revoked at any time. More information in paragraph user rights’

Error diagnosis

To improve the stability of the app, we want to fix errors as fast as possible. In order to achieve we use the external ‘Crashlytics’ service provider. In case of an error or app crash this service collects data on your phone such as an ‘installation id’ and details concerning the root of the crash. More information about Crashlytics:


To improve the usability of the app, statistics are created to analyse the usage of the app. The external service ‘Firebase Analytics’ is used. Following personal data is processed by ‘Firebase Analytics:

User interactions (‘events’) within the app will be stored for 2 months.

User rights

The user has the right to revoke consent to this privacy policy at any time. This can be done via the settings menu of the app. Furthermore every user has the right to see his personal stored data and to request its deletion.


If there are any questions concerning our privacy policy send me an email to