Prioritizer – List Decision Maker

Every day we make many decisions. Most of the time they are simple and we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. But certain decisions are harder to make: What car should I buy? Which flat should I move to? Which insurance fits best to my needs? Here Prioritizer comes into play.

Make a decision

It all starts by creating a new theme. A theme describes what your decision is all about. You give it a name and add criteria on which you want to base your decision on.

Let’s look at what decision you should make when having to choose a new flat to move to. The name of the theme could be ‘New Flat’ and there could be 3 criteria: the size of the flat, the rent that has to be paid and your impression you have of the neighborhood the flat is located in.

Example: Deciding between multiple options for a new flat.


Add as many criteria as you need. In the example above you can see how such criteria can look like when you need to decide for a new flat. There are different types of criteria.

Number Criteria

When using this type this criteria is based on a number. This may be used for prices, sizes or distances. Or anything else that can be expressed with numbers. In our example, the number criterion is used for the rent and the size of the flat.

Star Criteria

This criteria type can be used to rate a criteria on a scale from 1 star to 5 stars. Adding to the example from above, this could be a rating of the neighborhood the flat lies in. This type of criterion is especially useful when want to add a feeling to your decision

Lower is better / higher is better

Not always a high criterion value is preferable. Take costs as an example. Using the choose-a-flat example again, a lower rent would be preferred to a higher one. Checking the lower-is-better switch achieves exactly that.


Not all criteria are equal. Some of them might be more important to you than others. When choosing a flat, a lower rent will probably be more important than the size of the flat. By giving a criterion a high weight, its value will have more influence on the ranking.


When making a decision you want to decide between multiple options. In the flat example, an option would be a specific flat.

In this example an option would be a flat.

An option has a name and values for each of the criteria. In this case we have to numbers for the size and the rent, and a star rating where we define how we like the neighborhood around the flat.

The Result

Finally, once you have added values to every criterion for each option, Prioritizer will provide you with an ordered list of your options. To the right you can see the percentage the option achieved in the ranking.

In this example, the ‘Small City Flat’ would be the preferable option.

Get Prioritizer

Prioritizer is available for Android and iOS for free. You can download the app using this buttons below. If you like Prioritizer I would love if you could give it a good rating on Google Play or the App Store.

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