Category: App Development

Tutorial: Simple Kotlin REST API with Ktor, Exposed and Kodein

This tutorial shows how to create a Kotlin REST API using Ktor, Kodein and Exposed.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Mindset: Using User Interactions to discover potential pitfalls in software development

Using software is like walking on a path. Every user interaction is another step forward. Rarely, there is only one direction you can go.  Sometimes missteps happen. Hopefully, these won’t cause too much trouble. In software development it is our responsibility to reduce the effect of missteps or prevent them from happening in the first […]

Tutorial: Simple Info Messages with PostOffice

This tutorial shows how to use the PostOffice package to display simple info messages an a Flutter app.

Tutorial: Super Simple Hero Animation in Flutter

This tutorial shows how to create a hero animation when navigating between a master and a detail view of your flutter app.

Tutorial: Simple Responsive Master-Detail View in Flutter

Creating a responsive master-detail view in Flutter is easier than you think. This tutorial provides a step by step guide on how to build a responsive app.

Tutorial: Sembast as local data storage in Flutter

In this tutorial I will show you how to use Sembast as your local data storage in Flutter and how to perfectly integrate it in your app architecure.

Tutorial: Simple Flutter app initialization with Splash Screen using FutureBuilder

Most of the apps do run some kind of initialization code when the app starts. Doing this in a synchronous/blocking manner makes your app look frozen for the duration of this process. A better solution is to do your initialization in the background and show the user a splash screen in the meanwhile.